At IntelliBotique, I make AI accessible for organizations like yours seeking to transform content creation.

My services enable creativity at scale while maintaining brand integrity:


AI Consulting - $100/hr

  • Evaluate current content workflows
  • Assess risks/opportunities for AI adoption
  • Provide strategic guidance on implementation
  • Ongoing support as needs evolve

AI Content Creation - $750/mo

  • Up to 20 pieces of AI generated text, images, audio and video per month
  • 1 week turnaround time guaranteed
  • Quality and brand voice refinement

Full AI Services - $2500/mo

  • Unlimited AI content created with 24 hr turnaround
  • Custom prompt engineering for different models
  • Chatbot development and optimization
  • Access to consulting services

The possibilities are endless with the right AI strategy. Book a free 15 minute consultation to get started! I look forward to exploring how we can work together.