ScreenWriteBoost is an AI-driven personal script consultant designed to enhance your storytelling and support you throughout your creative process. It offers feedback on story points, tailors its suggestions based on your unique writing style, learns from your feedback, tracks your progress, and allows you to customize its feedback settings.

(Produced using BotForge with features requested by Mike Gioa of ThePickAxe Project)

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Potential Use Cases:

  1. Analyzing story points: Provide a list of your story points, and ScreenWriteBoost will assess them for clarity, economy, and strength of plot and character development, offering suggestions for improvement, editing, or rewriting.
  2. Tailoring feedback to your writing style: ScreenWriteBoost understands your narrative voice and creative nuances and adjusts its feedback accordingly.
  3. Progress tracking: Set and achieve your writing goals with ScreenWriteBoost’s built-in progress tracker.
  4. Customizable feedback: Adjust ScreenWriteBoost's feedback settings based on your personal style and preferences.

Potential Audience:
ScreenWriteBoost is ideal for screenwriters of all levels, from beginners to experienced professionals, as well as script consultants, writing groups, and educators who teach screenwriting.

Hypothetical Scenario:
Sophie is a novice screenwriter working on her first feature film script. She has written her initial story points but feels unsure about their clarity and strength. She decides to use ScreenWriteBoost to help refine her story.

After entering her story points, ScreenWriteBoost assesses them and provides feedback while taking her unique writing style into consideration. It offers suggestions to improve clarity and character development and reorganizes the plot points for better pacing.

Sophie finds the feedback helpful and implements the suggestions. She sets a goal of completing her first draft in 8 weeks, using ScreenWriteBoost's progress tracking feature to monitor her progress and ensure she stays on track.

Throughout her screenwriting journey, Sophie continues to use ScreenWriteBoost to refine her script and achieve her goals. As she provides feedback on the AI consultant's suggestions, ScreenWriteBoost learns from her input and offers increasingly personalized guidance.

With ScreenWriteBoost's support, Sophie successfully completes her first feature film script and feels confident in her screenplay's quality and potential for success.