Navigate Your Newsroom Like Never Before

Newsroom Navigator is your comprehensive suite of AI-powered journalism tools. Designed to streamline every step of the news creation process, our suite assists you from the initial drafting stage to the in-depth analysis of complex data sets.


Streamline Your Journalism Workflow with Our AI-Powered Tools

NewscraftAI: Transform your notes into a polished AP-style news story in no time. NewsCraft is your AI-powered writing assistant that helps you draft compelling stories with ease.

AI News Editor: Fine-tune your drafts with the precision of a seasoned editor. AiNewsEditor reviews your stories, providing suggestions for improvement and ensuring your copy is clean and compelling.

NewsLens: Generate fresh story ideas with NewsLens. This tool provides you with insightful follow-ups, related coverage, and multi-part series, all based on your original stories. Dive deeper into your stories and explore different angles with NewsLens.

GroundWork: Get comprehensive background information on your stories with GroundWork. Acting as your AI-powered local expert, GroundWork saves you valuable time on research and ensures you have a solid foundation for your stories.

DataDive: Decode complex data sets with DataDive. This tool helps you identify key points, trends, anomalies, and patterns in your data, providing valuable insights for your stories and generating potential future story ideas.

Why Choose Us:

In the fast-paced world of journalism, speed and accuracy are crucial. Newsroom Navigator empowers journalists by providing a suite of tools that streamline the news creation process, from initial drafting to data analysis. Our AI-powered tools are designed to save time, improve accuracy, and provide valuable insights, giving you more time to focus on what matters: telling compelling stories.